The law office ADP POPIOŁEK ADWOKACI I RADCOWIE PRAWNI is located in Katowice, the capital of Upper Silesia, which is a key region for the Polish economy.

Upper Silesia constitutes part of the historical and geographical region of Silesia (with its “Lower” part located to the west). The rich cultural heritage of the region comes from its unique history, since throughout the ages it has formed part of Greater Moravia, Bohemia, Poland, the Holy Roman Empire, Austria, Prussia, and Germany. Today, the greater Upper Silesia is split between Poland and the Czech Republic. The most densely inhabited and industrialised part, however, concentrates in the Upper-Silesian Agglomeration, of which Katowice is the capital.

The Upper-Silesian Agglomeration is the most important industrial part of Poland, being the region with the highest level of urban development in the country. The agglomeration comprises of several middle-sized cities spanning 70 km, from Dąbrowa Górnicza to Gliwice, and inhabited by approximately three million people.

The Silesian Voivodeship (of which the Upper-Silesian Agglomeration is the main part) is responsible for producing almost 15% of the Polish Gross National Product. Although traditionally renowned for its heavy industry (coal and steel in particular), the transformation of the regional economy has led to distinct changes in the structure of the gross value added produced in the region, resulting in an increase in the share of services, which now exceeds 60%. Upper Silesia also benefits from numerous natural resources, including: coal, zinc and lead deposits, methane, natural gas beds, marl, limestone and natural aggregate resources.

The Agglomeration has excellent transport infrastructure, consisting of the densest railway track system in Poland and easy connections with the other largest cities in Poland, through access to the most important highways and express roads in the country (A4, E75, E462, 81).

In the recent economic crisis, Poland was largely spared and its market is in a far better condition than most of the western European states. In recent years, the Polish economy has continued to grow at a steady and relatively fast pace. This is evident in Upper Silesia, which in recent years has flourished with new foreign and local investments, and seen spectacular improvements in the urban and business infrastructure. With the support from EU funds, the region looks to a bright future of further growth and development.





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