The law office ADP POPIOŁEK ADWOKACI I RADCOWIE PRAWNI emerged from a merger between two renowned Silesian law firms operating on the market of legal services since the early 1990s – “Popiołek i Wspólnicy” and “Adwokaci i Doradcy”. The merger, completed in 2005, led to the creation of the largest law firm in Upper Silesia, comprising today almost 40 lawyers. ADP’s main office is located in Katowice, the capital of the most important industrial region in the south of the country – Upper Silesia.

The firm provides expert legal assistance to companies and individuals on a wide range of matters. It focuses on advising commercial entities on all kinds of business issues, and provides assistance in dispute resolution, whether in litigation, arbitration or other ADR.

Each client and transaction is supervised by one of the firm’s partners. The partner concerned, in addition to being the main contact person, is also responsible for the co-ordination of all the work performed by a team of lawyers assigned to a particular task. Our lawyers work in client-oriented teams, enabling them to develop a good understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. The firm cooperates on a permanent basis with a number of tax advisors, auditors, economists and other experts, who assist ADP as necessary, in order to provide comprehensive services for the client.

The strength of our law office lies in the excellence of the professionals who work for us. The experience and the intellectual potential, as well as the technical support of the firm, are a guarantee of legal services of the highest standard. ADP handles a variety of commercial matters for multinational and domestic corporations, privately held companies and “high net worth” individuals. Our lawyers offer a sound knowledge of law as well as efficient and innovative problem-solving skills. The firm has the required expertise, experience, resources and contacts to assist clients in all undertakings, from planning through execution to organisational implementation.

ADP offers its legal services in Polish, English, German and French.

ADP’s recognition as a leading law firm in the region is confirmed by the high position it receives in national law firms rankings published by professional daily newspapers such as “Rzeczpospolita” and “Gazeta Prawna”.




ADP is a law firm with a particularly strong corporate practice. Its position in the regional market is unmatched and its national standing is also esteemed. The firm’s corporate practice group benefits from the vast experience of Professor Wojciech Popiołek, a leading Polish expert in the field of company law.


One of the most important practice areas of the firm is general commercial and contract law. ADP provides a broad range of legal services relating to various aspects of economic activity, both with respect to day to day operations as well as complex high-stake transactions.


ADP handles a wide variety of complex mergers and acquisitions, both for high-profile Polish corporations, as well as for rising mid-market companies and start-ups. Our lawyers advise clients in acquisitions, mergers, share transfers, divisions and take-overs.