ADP’s high position on the Polish market for legal services has been recognised by many national rankings of law firms, as well as by various awards from prestigious business associations and institutes. These include the following:


First place in Upper Silesia in a competition of the largest law firms in the region; nationally the Firm ranked 25th in the annual „Rzeczpospolita” ranking of Polish law firms, when it comes to the number of advocates and legal advisors.


First place in Upper Silesia in the annual ranking of law firms prepared by the daily newspaper “Rzeczpospolita”; nationally this places up 28th in terms of the number of advocates and legal advisers.


The Golden Medal of the Leader of Polish Business in 2013 awarded by the Business Centre Club to ADP and Prof. Wojciech Popiołek.

3rd place in the category of law firms with between 21 and 50 lawyers in the annual ranking prepared by the daily newspaper “Gazeta Prawna”.

The Golden Award of Merit for achievements beneficial to the Silesian Voivodeship.


Wojciech Popiołek’s first place in “Rzeczpospolita’s” ranking of recommended lawyers.

ADP was among 25 most important law firms in Poland according to “Gazeta Prawna”.

First place for ADP in Upper Silesia in terms of a number of advocates and legal advisers in “Rzeczpospolita’s” annual ranking of law firms.


A “Diamond” of the Caesar of the Silesian Business for ADP and Professor Wojciech Popiołek.

2011, 2010,



First place in Upper Silesia in the annual ranking of law firms prepared by “Rzeczpospolita”.


“The Golden Laurel of Ability and Competence” in the category of organisations supporting the development of the market economy and providing instruction to businesses, awarded by the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice.

The Recommendation from the Business Centre Club for the law firm providing the highest standard of legal services.


“The European Medal” awarded by the Business Centre Club for the achievement of “European standards” in the provision of services.


“The Caesar of the Silesian Business” awarded by the Katowice Business Centre Club for outstanding achievements in the respective business activity in the region.

tax and customs

ADP provides for its clients services related to taxation and other levies owed to the state, as well as advice on customs duties paid at the borders. Our lawyers understand that with every transaction, the effect of taxation has to be examined carefully in order to assure the profitability of business undertakings.

real estate

ADP has extensive experience in the full range of issues related to real estate and for years has been advising on real estate development and infrastructure projects. ADP provides clients with comprehensive legal advice, offering critical analysis of real estate investment projects, with a particular emphasis on the key points of the transactions.


ADP represents various corporations, state-owned companies and other entities in ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings, both domestically and internationally. Our lawyers have also been involved in numerous post-arbitration court procedures before Polish courts.