Teamed with distinguished law firms, ADP has worked on important international projects and cooperated in handling complicated cross-border cases. ADP has worked on a regular basis with law firms from the United Kingdom, Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as other countries.



International sales and trade

ADP’s lawyers’ practice includes the issues of international sales and trade law. The firm advises businesses on various matters relating to international transactions, such as contracts of sale and distribution, agency and other commercial representation, franchising, licensing, and diverge joint ventures.

General commercial and contract law

One of the most important practice areas of the firm is general commercial and contract law. ADP provides a broad range of legal services relating to various aspects of economic activity, both with respect to day to day operations as well as complex high-stake transactions.


ADP represents various corporations, state-owned companies and other entities in ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings, both domestically and internationally. Our lawyers have also been involved in numerous post-arbitration court procedures before Polish courts.